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As the industry shifts and changes so do the demands on the actor. Self taping is the new normal and it 's crucial for you to hone this skill if you want to thrive in this business. With tighter budgets and compressed deadlines, casting directors are appreciating the value of self tapes more and more and given how fast the industry moves, it only makes sense.


These days it's all about accessibility. Working on your own schedule, on your own time. 


That’s where we come in… 


HOMEBASE TAPES is an affordable and reliable  service dedicated to the working actor. Our goal is to create a safe and stress-free "home" environment to allow the performer the breathing room necessary to do their best work and walk away with a tape of the highest quality.   


How do we do that?  By treating each actor as the individual they are rather than just another number. Coaching is what we pride ourselves on most. Other studios will charge extra for this. Not us. Each session includes coaching in the rate (if desired) until we get the takes we're happy with. Through text analysis, character work and improv, the actor will feel as if they're collaborating with a director on set rather than a coach in a classroom, resulting in a performance that is spontaneous, unpredictable and lived-in. 


By the end of a session, I am confident you will walk away with one of the most competitive tapes you’ve done to date and most importantly, one you're proud of. 



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With over two decades in the film and television industry, Drew has worked alongside some of the industries finest including Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro, Emmy winner Greg Daniels (creator/director The Office, People of Earth), and award-winning actors Patricia Arquette (Boyhood), Corey Stoll (The Strain, House of Cards) and Riley Keough (The Girlfriend Experience, Mad Max: Fury Road).

Drew has also clocked countless hours as an audition reader for top casting directors RDC Casting (The Handmaid's Tale, The Shape of Water) Coreen Mayrs Casting in Vancouver (Arrow, The 100) and Buchan Knight Casting (American Gods, Spotlight) to name a few. 

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